About Simeone Ink

It’s simple. If you want a professional look to your printed materials, consult a professional.

Graphic artist Lauren Simeone Berman has been a visual problem solver for over 30 years. She has always had a keen interest in pictures, and in the symbols and icons that surround us in everyday life, and their power to move us and influence our understanding of the world. Art is about this relationship between the image and cognition. Generally speaking, graphic art is art with a commercial purpose.

Think of Simeone Ink as your art department, without the overhead. The East Windsor, NJ studio offers design and art production for projects such as brochures, logos, mailers, ads, catalogs, packaging, and more. Other services include illustration in traditional and digital media, instructional graphics, diagrams and maps, plus digital photo retouching and restoration (for old and damaged photos).

Lauren has worked for a wide variety of small business, advertising, corporate, publishing and non-profit clients, both locally and nationally. With excellent interpretive and communication skills, she is able to translate her clients’ needs and ideas into attractive, quality visual communications, at a reasonable cost.

Assignments have included those from varied organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Campbell Soup, Sunshine Biscuits, Stoudt Brewing Company, Newsweek, NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife, and many others. Lauren is also the Graphic Designer for the Mercer County Woman Newspaper, a bimonthly publication in central New Jersey.

Among Lauren’s more notable and visible projects are two license plate designs for the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles: the Promote Agriculture plate, commissioned by the New Jersey Farm Bureau, and the Fallen Law Enforcement Officers plate, commissioned by the Committee for a Safe Monmouth County, a non-profit law enforcement support organization.

In addition, Lauren has volunteered her time and services for a number of non-profit organizations over the years, including the Friends of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Women’s SPCA of PA, Business & Professional Women/New Jersey, Better Beginnings Child Development Center, East Windsor Regional School District, Congregation Mikveh Israel (Philadelphia), and Beth El Synagogue (East Windsor).

Lauren is a long-time member of the Graphic Artists Guild.